MobyMax is the most awarded edtech company on the planet, and we are looking for teachers who would like to help support schools through the entire school year.

If you have the aptitude to be persistent and use a proven system, then you will succeed, and just as important, schools will succeed. Our A to Z school support system utilizes:

- Proven action steps
- Perfected support email templates
- Flawless email and calling cadences
- Accurate replies to each support question

In the world of support, this is a very fun role. When teachers have questions, they are always very appreciative for the expert help and the amazing student results that MobyMax brings.

The full-time position pays $20 per hour with benefits, and you get to work from home! Every day you will see just how happy you make teachers and students while wearing your slippers. :)

Very important qualifications:

- A quiet room to work in - no sounds in the background
- Strong computer skills and ability to type at least 50 wpm
- Bachelor’s degree
- Ability to write well
- Aptitude to be persistent and use a proven system
- Able to work from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern, Monday through Friday
- At least three years of teaching experience